Migration Notice

I'll be migrating this to GitHub blegh at some stage, will keep this up here for now

Project Description
A crm 2015+ plugin to transparently store all binary files outside crm database. Azure Blob or File storage for instance.

This plugin allows you to move those binaries from the CRM database to an external provider, with both Azure Blob storage and Azure File storage providers included. Once installed and configured, the process is transparent to users and the organizationservice.

If you like/use this, PLEASE rate or give some feedback. Also, if you get it running on older versions of CRM, let me know so I can post that here.

Here are some features :
  • Runs in sandbox mode. Tested with CRM2015 on premise, and I know it works with CRM online (2016). Might also work down to CRM2011 if you recompile it against the 2011 sdk.
  • Supports either Azure Blob storage or Azure File storage. Easy to add more providers
  • Supports client side (crm server) compression and encryption (v4.1+).
  • Works seamlessly with existing attachments/annotations. If the binary data is available in CRM, that is used
  • Nobody will know, UI/api works exactly as before :)
  • See Documentation page(s) on how to configure setup the different versions and why you'd use said version.
  • Make sure you read the Caveats page before using!

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