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How to use the v2 migration tool. Use only with version 2!!!!

  • Install and configure the plugin solution in CRM.
  • You can let the migration tool handle disabling/enabling the correct plugin steps (Automatically Enable/Disable BinaryStorageOptions plugin checkbox) OR manual :
  1. Open the Plugin Registration tool in the CRM SDK and disable these steps :
  1. You MUST disable these steps before trying to run a migration (Retrieve, RetrieveMultiple on annotation, activitymimeattachment)
  2. If you have any other plugins on Retrieve, RetrieveMultiple, Update? of annotation or activitymimeattachment, it is totally recommended to disable those as well. The CRM sandbox service just falls over if you don't after a while.
  3. Remember to re-enable these steps or the plugin won't work
  • Provide the server name and credentials (for AD, it uses the account that you run the migration tool as)
  • Click "Connect". This will check your connection with CRM and retrieve the BinaryStorageOptions configuration from CRM.
  • Pick migration direction
    • CRM -> External : Blobs will be moved to the outside storage provider
    • External -> CRM : Blobs will be move FROM the outside storage provider back into CRM
    • Pick ThreadCount (the amount of concurrent connections IOrganizationService to CRM and storage provider).
    • Wait Delay : It waits every now and then to give CRM a breather.
    • Click "Migrate".
    • You can click cancel any time, it will stop as soon as it can


    • The migration works CRM -> External by iterating over all annotations and attachments where there is a document body, uploading body content, setting body content to null, saving entity.
      • Reverse for External -> CRM.
      • This will cause a lot of load on CRM (depending on how much binary data you have to migrate).
    • It's quite safe to stop part way and re-run (both ways).

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